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The work of Mark Franz

The Control Station

Cowboys and Indians

Pleasure Dome

Rocking Mirror (New World Symphony and AIGA)

Body Without Organs

As You Think So Shall You Become


Holiday Heart

Three Rom Hacks

Arduino Audio Sequencer

Ceramic Audio Sequencers

Animism as Mimesis

Pinboard for Meditation

The Pig

Friendly Fire

Vase Series


Hello World

Zelda Deforested

Blue Ash of 49


Various tutorials, information, and experiments.


Object Oriented Programming in Processing.js

2nd October 2013 By

This example uses object arrays in Processing.js to create what might be the basis of a simple web or mobile game.
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Make Your Own PCB’s

2nd August 2013 By

Using a piece of copper clad, a sharpie, a drill, and some basic chemicals, it can be easy to create your own circuit boards.

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Visualizing Data in Processing

2nd August 2013 By

This project visualizes .csv data using Processing.  To be more precise, it visualizes the correlation between student attendance at a test review session, and test results.
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