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DIY Camera Rigs

On 31, Jul 2013 | In Motion | By

In the production of motion design, animation, and visual effects, utilizing proper camera equipment often gets reduced to what is immediately available in a school or production house.

However with minimal effort, and very little cost, one can easily create a custom and fully functional camera rig.  There are a few established designs to draw from when constructing a rig like the one above.  The design of this rig incorporates two of the most practical and popular designs, the Fig Rig and the Steadywing. A list of suggested materials, and links to how to build these designs and others can be found below. Thanks to friend and colleague Briar March for bringing these projects to my attention.

Suggested Materials:

1/2in pvc pipe
1/2in pvc elbow joints
1/2in pvc T joints
1/2in pvc plug
epoxy glue
1/4in-20 machine screw, 2.5in in length (for camera mount)
can of black spray paint

The Frugal Filmmaker
$5 Camera Stabilizer Rig
DIY Fig Rig
PVC Steadywing