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Animism as Mimesis Animism as Mimesis Animism as Mimesis


On 30, Jul 2013 | In | By

Animism as Mimesis

Animism as Mimesis embodies the idea that everything that exists has a psyche, or mind, and is part of a larger collective consciousness.
Electricity in a very real sense animates, using the basic definition of the word, which comes from the latin root “animare” or “to give life to.” As such it is part of what makes us individuals by governing our brains and our bodies, and part of the natural life cycle of the earth, igniting fires that allow trees to reproduce and providing the means for cells to communicate to one another in all living things.  The electricity employed in this piece is responding to physical input and is being manipulated through simple circuitry to produce line level audio that is being output through amplified speakers.

The design of the speaker table mimics natural rock formations.  The materials used here involve wood, a once alive and thinking entity, that is often the symbol of the cyclical pattern of turning the inanimate, dead, and decaying, into nutrients that provide life.  Everything that exists is made of dust from either the big bang (hydrogen) or stardust (the rest of the elements). By combining subatomic electrons with natural materials this piece attempts to create a symbol for the presence of a mind in both the materials that make up physical entities and their interaction.  Animism as Mimesis strives to communicate that everything is connected and conscious.