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Blue Ash of 49


On 03, Jul 2013 | In | By

Blue Ash of 49

Blue Ash of 49 is a sound and video performance by Mark Franz and Max Alexander.  Formal graphic elements are manipulated in real time by custom, but rudimentary hardware.  The hand made sound and video performance devices are constructed to provide chance occurrences for the artists to react to, which allow for improvisation, and the production of visual music.

The performance piece breaks from the non-objective nature of visual music by the artists’ consideration of a simple narrative. In Blue Ash of 49, this revolves around producing sounds that are visions and inspirations of a character that has rejected his culture and withdrawn from society by his own virtue.

The two artists prepare dissonant and musical elements separately in order to create a complex texture that not only compliments the visual elements formally, but also allows for improvised free association with the thematic content.