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Ceramic Audio Sequencers Ceramic Audio Sequencers


On 31, Jul 2013 | In | By

Ceramic Audio Sequencers

Some examples in a series of electronic audio sequencers and oscillators encased within ceramic forms.  The ceramic forms are derived from a design and fabrication process starting with a 3d model conceived in the Rhino cad program.  The negative of this model is cut from foam using a cnc milling machine in order to create a well that can be filled with plaster.  The resulting plaster mold is used to cast the final object, shown here, in white stoneware.  After glaze firing to cone 6, electronic parts are secured.  The electronics are through-hole soldered based on circuit designs from Nicolas Collins.  These sequencers and oscillators have been used in several live audio-visual performances, including a number of collaborations with artist Max Alexander.